L. Ron Hubbard
 Spiritual Pioneer
To accommodate his research into Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual attainment, Mr. Hubbard resigned as Executive Director of the worldwide network of Scientology churches, and moved to sea in 1967 to focus on his research in a distraction-free environment.

While on board the 3,200-ton Apollo, Mr. Hubbard streamlined the lower levels of Scientology and continued his research toward the attainment of higher spiritual levels. He also began to search out solutions to society’s more salient problems. In 1969, for example, he noted what recreational drug abuse spelled in terms of cultural and spiritual decline, and commenced work on what would ultimately become the Hubbard Drug Rehabilitation Program. Similarly, after noting the widespread illiteracy and societal waste which flowed from a failing educational system, he began developing methods of study for secular use. Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries in these areas formed the genesis of many of the community betterment programs that have since become a worldwide Church effort.
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